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All regular runs start at 1715 (5:15pm) on Mondays.

Next  Prance: Run 1750
Monday 21 April 2014
Hare: Hole in the Wall
Venue: Burma Camp, White and Blue spot near the market on the main road. From gate, drive always straight to Market. Look for the signs.

Easter Weekend in Keta Volta Region
Run 1748 & 1749
Saturday - Sunday 19-20 April 2014
Hare: Head in Hole & Charlie Why
Venue: Weekend in Keta Volta Region Eastern Weekend, Main Venue at Arborigen Square Resort

Keta is located along the southern coast of Ghana, From Accra Mall it is about 161 km.
The main venue for the event is the Aborigines Beach Resorts which has, 4 Chalets, 3 Traditional Thatch rooms, a bar, restaurant, dancing stage and a very big and sandy compound.
The other two accommodations are also within less than a km range, these are: Keta Beach Hotels 21 rooms and Adelaide's Paradise Guest Hse, 5 exclusive rooms.
The arrival date for the event is Friday evening 18th April and Departure is Sunday 20th April.
The hares for this special Keta weekend run are Head In Hole and Charlie Why.
We therefore request all interested to make payment for their accommodations especially before 1st if March, so we can secure accommodation within this range.
Contact numbers are: Head In Hole 0244208447 and Charlie Why 0540961497.
We promise you a very memorable life and experience in Keta.

Previews of Coming Distractions

25th Anniversary Lome Hash 13-14-15 June 2014
http://accrahash.com/pb/wp_33b3639e/wp_33b3639e.html for details
Register with Lollipop 024 067 3022      atlas2gh@yahoo.com

Tema Hash runs every Saturday at 5:00pm. Contact Loveboat on 024 422 0966 for details.

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Gold Coast Hash House Harriers run the 2nd Saturday of every month somewhere between Cape Coast and Takoradi. Watch this space for details:
If you need more info or have any queries call Flasher (Hash Name) on 050 819 8797


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Receding Hareline:

If you want to set a run you are most than Welcome. Send an e-mail to 
Muff Mask josh.heikkila@gmail.com
or Fuzzy Wazzy bnka560@yahoo.com

Saturday - Sunday 19-20 April 2014 Head in Hole & Charlie Why Weekend in Keta Volta Region Eastern Weekend, Main Venue at Arborigen Square Resort
Monday, 21 April, 2014 Hole in the wall Burma Camp
Monday, 28 April, 2014 Rubber Dab Dab Labadi Beach

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